Ioana from Romania
Environmental Science 

“Avans was a natural choice for me. As I searched for universities that offered programmes in the environmental sciences, geography and sustainability I found a true source of inspiration in ESSET. For me, my study programme is the reason I wake up every morning excited to broaden my horizon.

Popa from Romania
Computer & software engineering 

'Holland is a choice as interesting as you want to make it. There are possibilities to meet enough friends to travel the world and enough challenges to make you feel fulfilled. Just remember to bring an umbrella!'

Marco from Italy
Industrial Engineering & management

“After finishing high school in Italy, I decided to take a leap and see what opportunities for my future I had. I always loved the idea of taking a broken thing and making it work again, so I decided to take a bachelor’s degree course in engineering with a focus on maintenance.”

Catalina from Romania
Software Engineering

‘Eindhoven was one of the cities I had in mind when I looked for a study abroad. It’s not too crowded, a nice city to live in and it has an airport close by so I can visit my family and friends easily.’
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Fabiola from Italy
Environmental science

'Studying with people from all over the world makes the experience even more fun and interesting. There are more points of view to take into consideration and the atmosphere is very open-minded'
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Yoko from Italy
Environmental Science 



Barkin from Turkey
Marketing Analytics

'There are several reasons why I wanted to study and work in Netherlands. The high quality of the education and the number of job opportunities for the people who wants to work after graduation are the two most important ones. Moreover, the Nord Brabant region is a good place in terms of social life since there are various of activities every week. Also, vast majority of the people speak English and they are very helpful. My experience here is really good so far and I strongly suggest people to choose here to for their academic and business careers.'
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Karol from Poland
International Business Administration 

‘When you study abroad you learn more about different cultures and you become more open minded.’
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Meilivia from Indonesia
Industrial Engineering & management 

'I wrote about the interesting companies and job opportunities in Brabant, especially in Brainport. So therefore I knew that this was the place to be for a good education and career in my field of interest. '
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Ömer from Turkey
Automotive Technology

‘You can meet so many different international people in this high tech region because of the global companies that are situated here. And almost everyone speaks English so everyone can communicate amongst each other.’
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